Thank you for everything you've done in the Mid-West! I meet all my good Mid-West homies through Pete and Fobia Skate Shop. C-Bass, Nova, AJH, Haynie, Mahoney, Ticky Rucker and so many others...Fobiarmy for LIFE! I know I wouldn't be doing this if I never meet Pete. Best luck with the wife and soon to be kid. Your the man Pete!!!


Something besides snowboarding...

You probably have seen this but I'm a big fan of Ty Evans and what he does. He likes his Panasonic cameras and so do I! And of course, Spike Jonze was apart of this, which makes this even better. I will be looking forward for this one!

I bought the GH2, instead of the 7d, about a year ago and this is why...

Also Zach and Dylan each got a G3 which is basically the same as the GH2 minus a few audio things. I'm excited for this season!




Certified Killah was goin down the mountain so I figured id film him on my iPhone...Here's the magic! Hang 10


Make sure to go to the Role Model blog, http://arolemodelblog.blogspot.com/, moves are being made for next year. New rider list, new production list, new video name and much more. Check it out if you haven't been, I'll be updating and adding things all week!




or just go to Snowboarder Mag online and check it out for yourself...


The King of The Juggalos!

Dylan Alito holding it down in more ways than one. Looks like he came up on 5g's and a sweet Juggalo outfit! I snagged this pic of the Hobo blog.

Also Hobush came in 5th and Brewster got the Crab Grab award. Keep up the good work, boyz!!!


Wild Mountain & Trollhaugen open today!

The battle for first midwest ski hill is tied this year with Wild Mountain and Trollhaugen opening today.  I have been to many opening days at these places and I am sure today was an awesome time.  Thanks to O.G. Minnesotan Pete Harvey for snappin this pic from Wild. To everyone who got to be at either or both today, I am super jealous.

Zach Rawles Cockfight! Full Part

Zach Rawles part from COCKFIGHT! a Role Model Production from Role Model Productions on Vimeo.

Cheese Get's Wet Paper Towel!



Makin' moves!!!!

Snowboard Colorado

ZSC has been all over Snowboard Colorado this year. Check Chunk on the cover here and interview inside. Dylan on the back with the Volcom ad. I got a photo in there too. The mag is free all over CO, if you can't get your hands on a hard copy, peep the website, (www.snowboard-colorado.com) there is an online version on the mag you can peep. Thanks to Nate Harrington, Terry Ratzlaff and Snowboard Colorado for helping us LET 'EM KNOW!!!


This mixtape dropped in July, copped it a few weeks back, haven't stopped listening to it since. If you like ghost, get your hands on it!



Here it is!
Come check out The ZSC in COCKFIGHT! a Role Model production
featuring Zach Rawles, Dylan Alito, Austin Julik-Heine, Jared Jordan, Krister Ralles and couple of guest appearances from the ZSC... 
...and will be online around 7pm that same night.
It will be posted here first thing!!!


Zach Rawles edit for Monster Headphones/Dre Beats

This is some footy that didn't make the cut for COCKFIGHT! of Zach. ENJOY!


WW 16: Keystone Memorial Day Re-open

Keystone Re-opened a fresh Park Lap for Memorial Day Weekend.  Dylan Alito, Mac Squigly, and Colin Waters spend the day cruzin around a slushy mountain.


A lil' Park Lane action with Colin Walters

At the end of last season I was at Breck doing some follows to test out my Panasonic GH2. I ran into Colin and some of the crue from Tahoe and he was like, "I got a line for you, Langer!" and here it is...


COCKFIGHT! Coming real soon...

Workin' on it right now and about half way there...dropping sometime in early September!

ZSC x Crystal River Spas x Sunlight Mountain

...and here we go!

Z-Blog is up and running! I'm still doing some changes over the next few days but here it is for now...enjoy!